Non-global objects on seperate layout

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  • Today I decided to create my first mock up level for my game and am doing it on a separate layout. I was wondering that if I just copy and paste the objects onto a separate layout (or clone the layout) would Construct recognize it as the same object? I tried changing settings of an object in one layout but they didn't change in the other, leading me to believe that it's just creating a copy of the object and not an instance so I'm wondering is there anyway to make it an instance without being global? Is this the correct way to create a multilevel game or am I approaching it wrong?

    I'm sorry if this made little sense I'm in a rush. I'll try to provide more information later if needed.

  • You would be fine cloning the layout.

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  • You have access to all objects, global only brings its current state to the next layout.

    So yes you can paste objects, and no objects that are not global will not change when edited in another layout. To test this make two layouts, add mouse& keyboard to one, then go to the other, and do the same, the second should say mouse& keyboard2, that means its not an instance, but another object. Then you can try just pasting....

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