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  • Yes, I read the post to look for your question 1st before posting about it, and I did. I don't know how to call my question so I might've not found any results because I didn't use the right terms, anywho...

    If you could direct me to a tutorial/thread for what I'm looking for, I'd be appreciative. Thanks.

    1. Zooming out the camera and looking from a bird's eye view (like the Gameboy Pokemon Games

    2.Having an option to talk to people and make choics (like in Pokemon/Fallout 3)

    3.Is there a website to get pictures from to use as models and what not for my games

    Again, sorry for these questions. I just started recently using construct 2. I had been recently using Unity 3D but now I'm trying to make a different type of game.

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  • You can find some free models here. Construct should be able to use any of the model formats on this page.

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