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  • Ok, I think it's time I try and reach out for help. I just downloaded CC and I was all psyched when I saw that I could make games more easily than by coding them entirely, say in Flash. But I'm having some problems.

    -I'm an animator and I thought I knew what FPS rate was. I tried to change my main character's FPS rate in my project, say from 60 (which was there by default) to 50. 60 was too fast, but 50 gave me just a frozen frame. Even the application FPS rate didn't seem to change anything at runtime. Is something wrong with the FPS rate in CC?

    -I'm trying to make my zombie attack the character. I thought I coded it right, but again, the animation freezes on a frame when it's "close enough". Could you tell me if something else is keeping it from playing?

    -And when I try to run a preview, it often gives me a kind of "no response" message at 50% in the progress bar, like it's about to crash... But I got a feeling that some of my sprites are too big, and that it sucks all the juice.

    I'd really like someone to tell me I'm on the right path.

    Here's the cap file (hope it works)


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