Newbie Animation question

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  • The documentation seems lacking in terms of controlling animation, or maybe I just haven't found the right page. At the moment I'm trying to do something very simple. I have four on screen buttons, each of them should play a different animation on a single sprite.

    Right now I have the animations broken up into four different sequences in the animation editor. When I go to the event editor (and this is where I'm finding no documentation) I first SET the animation to LoopName.AnimationName - then set animation frame to 0 then start animation from beginning. This works fine for the first button and the first loop. I can't for the life of me figure out how to get the second loop to work - I tried making a second event on the second button that's identical except that it's LoopName2.AnimationName...

    Any ideas? Any documentation?

    Also - the first loop seems to play when I open the file - not sure how to get my sprite to just sit there and not animate... thanks for any help

  • I did the same, and it works for me.

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  • Sorry, super nube here - what do I do with .cap files? I'm using construct 2 - wrong version?

  • right - wrong version - I'll repost this in a different forum

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