newbie animation problem

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  • hi, thanks scirra for making such a great tool for free.

    i started to make a great platformer, but for starters i wanted to learn to animate my self with the tutorial sprites.

    so i took the sprite from the platform school. but there is a bug thats making me shave my hair from angst.

    when i jump and i fall, when my char hits the ground the fall animation dosnt stop, so he continues to flicker between fall and stand. and yes all the hotspots are the same. i dont know what is, i tried everything and its MAKING ME MAD.

    can someone PLEASE HELP ):

    here are the files i hope someone can help me,i lost two hours trying the damn animations to actualy play and now this...

  • Im new to the whole program aswell, but have you made an animation and used the "stopped" tag on the animation ?

    I had that problem aswell before I used the "Stopped". As a "idle" pose.

  • thanks so much for helping, ill try it now and see if it works!

    it seems there are atleast two ways to animate a platform

    1 - the platform school tutorial -> when player walks animate walking

    2 - when player presses right animate walking

    i still dont get the tags but it has to work

  • Im linking the tutorialthingie i looked at when i did my movementthing.

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    There ya go.

  • ah this is great, and its alot more of a new way compared to what i was trying wow


  • No problem this was a problem I could assist with, more advanced stuff I�m not really sure i can assist anyone with yet.. Im still working on my first project myself.

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  • o my god, i followed every step and it dosnt work with me.

    the char keeps walking at one place, stucking on fall animation when he reaches the ground. going nuclear with rage

  • ah..i taged idle as stopped and now everything works allright.

    wow....thank the gods its finnaly over. i can finnaly continue [solved]

  • *edit*

    Ah nice that you solved it. Now make some awesome games!

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