Newb - Bone animation and different looks and code questions

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  • Okay. First of all, I'm still a newbie at all of this. But I have tried searching the forum, though not look through every page of threads.

    Second. Can you have the game exported to code? I'm guessing this program, has prewritten code for all the things it does, and it just puts it where it's needed then loads as if the game has code. Is there a way to view the code version? Kind of like Dream Weaver showing you the HTML behind the scene if you wish.

    Unless I'm wrong, and it does. If it doesn't... oh well, just thought I'd ask.

    Thirdly. I just found out about Bone Animation for this program, and quite frankly, it is beyond awesome. However, there's something I want to know. What if your sprite has different stances. Example being one stance is him facing the player (outward towards the user) and one stance running to the side, like the prince in prince of persia, with his head looking to the side. Is there a way to do this with bone animation or do I just have to have 2 sprites or bone animation? One with the face looking one way, and one looking the other. If you can't, which I expect you can't, what is the best way to do so? Do you just swap out with a second set of animation or a completely new sprite?

    EDIT: I found a sort of answer to this. Though if there are better solutions, I'd love to hear about it.

    Solution being 2 different animation sets.

    I ask because, maybe the other parts can be the same, but one part turns to the side or something.

    Great program by the way, doesn't help much with learning how to code your own game, if you can't see the code, but it's very nice and easy and fast to get into.

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  • Great program by the way, doesn't help much with learning how to code your own game, if you can't see the code, but it's very nice and easy and fast to get into.

    It's open-source That means a bit of a steeper learning curve, most likely, but it's all there. If you want "real" code in your games, there's always XNA, and its tutorials aren't half bad. I think you'll find, though, that learning to script in Construct is a good way to give yourself the majority of the skillset that coding requires.

    And yeah, use two different animation sets. One way would be to change the animation of individual sprites (such that you're seeing a different graphic) while still retaining their same bone structure - assuming that meets your needs, of course. This is similar to what the thread you linked to suggests, although of course it's implementing something entirely different.

    Alternately, you could swap in a whole new character at runtime when needed, but that's a bit tedious if you're dealing with several bones and a whole new set of animations. Or, you could just make it look like you're swapping them out, with a sufficiently clever application of visibility. Either of these will probably meet your needs a little better, since you seem to primarily be looking for different stances on the same character, rather than the same stances on different characters (as the other solution indicates).

    I hope this helps

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