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  • BEFORE you make a post, have a look at these options:


    If you're new, try a tutorial before asking questions in this forum. Tutorials cover a lot of basic ground and will get you going in Construct much quicker. Find Classic tutorials here:

    Frequently asked questions

    Also, check your question isn't asked on the FAQ before posting!


    Otherwise, check the documentation! You may be able to find what you are looking for there, without having to make a post.

    Read & search the forum

    Many questions have been answered and many problems solved in past posts in the forum archives. The forum has been active for a few years now. Click Search and see if you can find a solution in an existing post before making a new post. You could also try Google with the extra term which will search for pages on the Scirra website.

    You can also learn a lot simply by regularly hanging around the forums and seeing what kind of posts come up. It pays to be an active member of the community!

    Tried all that?

    Feel free to ask your question, and we hope someone can help you However, remember these important points when posting:

    1) Explain the problem clearly! We don't know what you are trying to do, so make sure you explain your goal and precisely what the problem seems to be.

    2) Post a .cap file! (".cap" is the format Construct saves files in) This can help everyone solve your problem much more quickly if we can investigate what you've done ourselves and try it out. It saves us time from having to set up what you described, and also, you might forget to mention something important you did in your .cap file (which could be the cause/solution to your problem). Also, the simpler the file is, the better. Post a .cap!

    3) Bookmarked events help others find the events you're talking about in larger projects.

    4) If it crashes, it's a bug! Ideally, software should never crash. A crash indicates the program has failed, not the user. In this case, post a bug report.

    Thanks, and we hope you solve your issue quickly!

  • The link to the ghost shooter tutorial is dead and I can't find it anywhere :S Please help, I really want to learn

  • Is this the Ghost Tutorial you are looking for?

  • I think it is this:

    But the link is broken too, so a reup in mediafire:

    Sorry for not asking for permition to reupload it, just let me know and I take it down if it's an issue ;x

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  • Ashley , you should also post this in the C2 forums because a lot of new people ask questions like ... I can't move my object ... Or I can't run my game ?

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