A new plugin idea for both constructs!

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  • It would be awesome to apply a Motion effects Screen plug in that will allow you to take a frame or two allowing you to take any graphic and apply a special effect to it automatically and then it will automatically generate a sprite from the options you choose coping each frame generated as an individual image and then saving it as a pre-compiled sprite this would be similar to how programs like Final Cut pro, Adobe Premier and Macro Systems Casablanca software works but applied to sprites. Here are a few special effects but in reality there are hundreds of possible effects! With this plugin then creating explosions, fires, destroying blocks, etc. would be simple and any games made with this if applied with appropriate graphic depending on graphic size scale, etc., this could look incredible if applied correctly and no-one has such a feature as of yet on any 2D game engine! macrosystem.us/index.php

    So if anyone is brave enough to create such a program to tie into construct We will all thank you!

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  • Whoa, slow down there Bob.

    Two questions.

    How long does it take for those programs you described to generate those images?

    And why are you making two identical threads about this?

  • well I was suggesting just a utility plugin that would allow you to generate all the frames needed for a particular effect. So essentially the plugin/program would capture each frame of the action and same them individually on a ready made sprite sheet. It doesn't take long for those programs to do those things and so if we had one on Construct and then make it to automatically lets say save each frame as a numbered .png of what ever name you give that picture when you begin the process. This wouldn't cause any time lag, because in a game you would be utilizing the sprite sheet that it generates and can save it into the game file/layout that you would specify. Sorry about the two different threads. I figured that this plugin would be a good one for both construct and construct 2 so I wanted both development teams to be able to see it is all...

  • I've looked to both your threads and it seems to me that you have an idea, a particular vision in your mind and you don't know how to "translate" it to Construct. By your messages, I think it is because of a lack of (deep) understanding of how Construct works.

    I know you have a big project planned with your team, nevertheless you should take the time to do individual small projects to learn and get confident with Construct.

    CC is more documented (because older), but most of its design and system is the same in C2.

    So I suggest you to go through the documentation of CC starting with the the ghost shooter beginners tutorial for CC (hosted by zenox98).

    It might give you the basics of CC.

    Tutorial: Platform school

    Advanced platformer example

    Here are others tutorials you might wanna follow and that will surely help you out.

    Don't hesitate to check out Jame's X collection list of all useful tutorials for CC, you basicaly will have all the answers you're looking for.

    The more you will practice and learn through tutorials, the more it will come clearer to you how to actually make games, effects and whatever you are vizualising in Construct.

    Check also Construct-Classic Wiki.

  • Yes, I'm afraid you have a few misconceptions of how things work for not only Construct, but for what goes into 2d game making in general.

    To better understand, I would suggest doing a web search on the different types of shaders, pixel, vertex etc., along with the differences between vram, and ram.

  • Thanks all, yes I am a noob here, but currently the only one with available enough time on my team to take on construct right now, the others currently are either working on our needed website database or creating the game art I will use. So I'm am trying to dive into this along with so much other stuff on my plate. Finding everyday and with every post I read that there is so much more I don't know and need to learn here. I appreciate the response never-the-less, I aspire to be a strong indie developer one day. I'm looking forward to completing my bachelors degree at Digipen eventually in Game Design....But I suppose we'll see if I can figure this out first though! To be honest this is my first 2D game period, so thanks for understanding! :P

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