New physics engine not returning X/Y velocites

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  • Hey I already posted this on sourceforge, I just though I'd mention that I can't return any sort of value when trying to get the X and/or Y velocites of a physics object. No value, not even a zero appears.

    It broke my game engine that I finally got working exactly the way I want

    Anyways I hope this isn't a waste of your time posting here :S

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  • I also notice that you can't control the physics objects anymore either, I tried to run an old game of mine where you roll a ball around and the "Set velocity" action didn't work (the player didn't move).

    Im not sure if any of the physics actions work anymore

  • (Sorry about the double thread guys My internet is having a lot of trouble lately and I had to click submit again)

  • That's okay

    Despite being a vast improvement, the new engine was bound to have some incompatibilities with the old one. With these reports it'll be tuned for 0.96.4 which is hopefully soon.

  • Sweet! You guys rock my socks

    I hope the new build comes out real soon

    I guess the down time gives me time to work on my concept + art

    Keep on coding

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