New object crash [SOLVED]

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  • The set pixels moved is a bit funky,as you should only need to set it once, but I doubt thats the main issue.

    Its hard to say, from the "plugin's non-event code", it could be from solid, or even the inputsystem plug. You might try getting rid of the include sheet and manually add those events to layout 3, but test each line after you add it. If that fails you might try getting rid of the inputsystem plug.

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  • Oh my god! I fixed it!

    Now check out how this obscure bug happened:

    I thought "there may be a line of code that is causing this bug" so I started deleting all event groups one by one. Delete one, test, CTRL+Z to get it back in place, move to the next one

    Then I deleted a group called "Tower behavior" and the bug disappeared!

    Inside it I did the same thing, deleting blocks of events until I found the one event that was bugging. Take a look at it:

    <img src="">

    For some reason, at some point, construct changed this:

    <img src="">

    Into that. Its the same as if I went into each event and changed the drop down options to "Use Expression"

    Why the hell this happened? I don't know. It's a weird bug that construct caused for some obscure reason, maybe when saving, I don't know.

    Thanks to everyone who helped me find this bug!!

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