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  • Hey,

    Say you want to make a game with several different levels which incorporate the same objects and mechanisms. You know; different levels, but the levels have the same components. How can you easily do this in Construct without having to have X amount of copies of each object (X being the number of levels)?


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  • Code all your events on one event sheet. Then, any later layouts can simply have an 'event sheet include' (right click, include event sheet in event sheet editor) to include the game events. This saves you copy/pasting events. Also, if you right click an existing layout and select 'Clone layout', it'll duplicate all the objects. You could then rearrange the objects to design a new level. (Cloned layouts have no events, it's intended that you include the original events)

  • Thanks, that'll help.

    One more thing. I'm using 8Direction to control the movement of a ball. However, when I set it to "bounce" when hitting another certain object, it just stops when hitting the object instead of actually bouncing. How can I get this effect?

  • Make the object solid and the 8 direction movement handles collisions automatically (you won't need any events).

  • But it still doesn't bounce in this situation. If two objects collide, there is no bouncing.

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