[New here] Basic Platformer with Physics?

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  • Uhhm Hi :)

    I'm a longtime MMF2 user and was curious about construct. It has come across as a more powerful drag&drop creator than MMF2 and so, with all my experience from that, I decided to see what I could do in Construct Classic :)

    ANYWAY, I made an engine on MMF2 using many "Foreach" loops, (so I could have several characters), but the movement took up soo much CPU power, I could only have about 16 characters before lag would take over the game.

    The physics engine, I have never tried tinkering with physics, so I gave it a shot, and it seems really nice and easy to use :D

    My question is, How would I go about essentially sticking an object to the ground? I have the player NOT rotate, and made it so when holding left/right, it adds force to the X of the physics movement, but ofcourse, if there is a slope, it goes undetected and the player soars through the air :3

    I guess I'd like to have a limit of how steep the slopes need to be, but I was hoping there would be a quiet high limit for the speed in which the player can travel and still detect slopes and be positioned correctly. (Meaning if the player is traveling fast, they still stick to the slope rather than fly off :L)

    Sorry that I'm not very clear, but I tried to explain the best I could. And sorry if I have come off as demanding- but i'm far from it, i'd like some sort of pointers if anything, rather than everything to be done for me. Also sorry for making this so long.

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  • Have you tried the Platform behavior?

    Also the Custom Movement behavior would work as well.

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