do you need a joystick?

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  • this isnt a "help" as in i need help topic

    its meant to help people

    construct has no joystick support and for those who want some i have this nifty program for you

    its very useful and ive found myself using it for mmf2 games because its SO much easier to set up than the joystick object. its just all round better and best of all it supports dual analog and triggers very easily

    i use it with my xbox 360 controller and its perfect so im just spreading the word for those who dont know about it ... ersion.htm

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  • I prefer XPadder, it's much more user friendly to set up, and it covers a wide range of game pad types (you can import an image of your gamepad to map the keys to). If they don't have your game pad, then you've got a really funky, obscure game pad.

  • ah well whatever you prefer,i kinda like the rough feel of joy 2 key, and i like that it has an ini file, that way you could make changes to the file while in game, and it has lots of options available

    this is for anyone and everyone so if theres other software feel free to post it here

  • I already use this, and it's a good fix for games that don't support a joystick. But I would much rather have DirectInput functionality in Construct for the very simple fact that DirectInput has analog support. With analog support, I could make a twin analog game in the style of Geometry Wars which would be awesome.

  • yah i guess so, im just posting this as i said for anyone who doesnt know, cause i know i didnt before i downloaded a game which had it with it.

    and analog support would be awesome, but if they were to add it it should be a bit more user friendly than mmf2s plugin, and should support xbox 360 controllers well most programs cant recognise the analog triggers, and they also read the triggers as one single axis, when its actually 2

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