Need help with spawning enemies! (2D Platformer)

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  • So, I have the enemy (here referred to as arenaEnemy1), and I have the spawn point (here referred to as arenaSpawnbox). I have been completely unsuccessful in all previous attempts, but here's the basics of what I want to happen:

    I want an enemy to spawn at the spawn point every 1000 milliseconds and follow proper enemy behavior (that is, go directly towards the player in a horizontal straight line).

    Problems I have had with this include: Enemies never spawning, enemies not following the behavior I have given them, one enemy spawning and then no more, the list goes on for a while. Can anyone help me?

  • You should post a cap so that someone can find the problem. Dropbox is best, though I've seen people use Mediafire without complaints.

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  • Apart from what TL22 said, you need to include examples at minimum of event structures that you have already tried.


    +Every 1000 milliseconds

    ->Create enemysprite at X,Y

    ->Do Stuff, etc

    The more information we have, the easier and more effectively we can help you.


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