Need some help with Spawners (Solved)

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  • Hi, Im new here,

    Ive been working on a super Mario fan game project in construct called "The Twisted Dream" were You play as luigi, Who has for reasons unknown been sent to a Nightmare version of subcon (the world from Mario 2)

    Anyway, Ive been having some trouble with part of the first level,

    You are suppose to be chased by an endless hoard of cannibals Spawned from the sides of the window until you can secure a weapon and escape.

    I cant seem to get the spawner objects to operate as planned,

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Those colored bars on the window sides are several 16x16 blocks that I was trying to use, they seem to folow the playfeild fine,

    but the enemies are being spawned at the start of the level

    I have these on their own layer, with the scroll rate set to 0.

    trying to use events has backfired as well, latching them in to a corner of the screen

    Im still fairly new to construct, and am not quite familiar with all the commands yet,

    Can anyone help?


    Got it!

  • May I have the .cap to help you out, bec it's bit hard to explane?

  • the events are a bit of a mess, but,

    sure, let me find a place to upload it.


    Here you are,

    The event sheet in question is "Global Level Events".

    Again, im fairly new to this,

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  • Wouldn't it be easier to make it spawn at "player.x + 150" and "player.x - 150" for instance?

  • Now I am totally lost!!

    I don't understand what are you trying to do?

  • the spawners are set to a variable,

    depending on what number is set to that variable, the spawners will be enabled/dissabled, the enemy set to spawn will only spawn from the active spawners,

    this is just to make the setup easier later.

    THAT is working fine.

    I need to get the spawners to latch to were I need them on screen,

    Im also trying to get the enemies to spawn from a random position on the spawner they came from.

    if i could do this on a single spawner per side, that would be great, as that would be easier to work from.

    I suppose what im looking for is a random range, randomizing between a minimum and maximum values.

    If i could get that, I would be set.

  • Whelp, looks like i got it, No sooner did i post that than did i find the "S" plugin. which works for random ranges,

    thanks for trying to help, and Sorry for waiting your time,

    Goodness knows how many brain cells i must have killed when you decided to look at that,

  • You can also use.

    If screen Hight is 500, and you want to spawn on the left spawner in random

    System create.

    X: 5

    Y: Random(250) + Random(250)

  • lol,

    now i KNOW im a n00b.

    looks like that would have been much easier than my other attempts,

    if i understand that right,

    random 50% screen hight + Random 50% screen hight

    (granted i have something working now)

    Ill give that system a quick test later, and let you know what the result was,

    Thanks stalker.

    any other tips?

  • Isn't random(250)+random(250) the same as random(500), lol??

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