Need help with racing game

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  • Hi, I am new to Construct and am making a racing game, i need help with the following things:-

    1.) How do i make the background of a sprite transparent?

    2.) How do i make views? (please explain in detail if you can)

    3.) Ideas and Suggestions on what all the game can include.


  • 1) simply use png files with transparent backgrounds... the question has already been asked a few days ago, in this forum.

    2)what do you mean by "views" ?

    3) search it by yourself. You can add rpg-style functions like giving the player the possibility to upgrade his car, a money system, boosts, weapons etc.

    You'd better learn how to use the software before you try to create an original game. There's a bunch of tutorials in the wiki.

  • Thanks Alot!

    What I meant by views was that how can i keep the camera fixed on the car?

    Edit: Where can i get some good topdown Road sprites?

  • What I meant by views was that how can i keep the camera fixed on the car?

    Create an event with the condition "always" (under system) and give it the action "scroll to object", then select your player.

    You should try to rip the road sprite from an old game.

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  • Still wont work

    Whenever i reach the edge of the screen, the camera moves. I want it to move b4 it collides with the edge. Same problem occurs when I move back.

  • Maybe select the attribute "center view on me", in the car properties?

  • Both suggestions should work fine, but there is a built in function that will keep the camera from scrolling to the edge, and showing anything that's not within the layout.

    You can tick unbound scrolling in the layout properties... use at your own risk.

  • I need some help from u guys. My Game has Stopped working! Whenever I try to open it, Construct loads it a bit and then the load bar vanishes and the game doesnt open.Please tell me the solution for this problem. I shall be grateful.

    You Can email me at:

  • Try to delete the "game_name".persist file in your game's folder.

  • Thanks Alot!

  • I am unable to make the views work

  • My fist game here was a racing game, but it was only a top view. What do you mean by views? Like top and side? Or a scrolling window, which is what I did.

    If this is your first game I suggest you start simple, but also it is best to post a DL to your code so people and look at it and help you with a specific question.

  • It is Top view, Scrolling and It is my first game too

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