need help with a NEW kind of moving platform

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    ignor layout 1 and just run layout 2, ull notice the problem when u jump on the blue platform. as the platform moves, there are instances of u falling, which is making my character none the less glitch, anyone got an idea?

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  • Sorry, broken link

  • i know i been periodically updating my progress, here is the updated cap, problem is still unsolved

  • I jumped on the platform a bunch of times and never fell off or fell through..... I'm using version 0.99.5.

  • its not that i fall off or fall through, its just that my player vibrates as the platform moves down

  • that's probably becuase he is continually falling then landing (although very quickly, that's why it shakes).


  • is there a way to prevent the fall action when on that particular platform?

  • This is probably because of a bug I already posted on the tracker (here).

    For one of my games I have some kind of workaround, which works best with vertical platforms, not so much with horizontal I'm afraid. Still it's better than the constant vibrating. Since it's tailored for my own scrolling system, it's kind of hard to give you actual events for the mentioned workaround. If you want some pointers though, feel free to contact me via PM.

    There's a good chance this might get fixed in the upcoming release, so keep your fingers crossed.

  • can you set the sprite to check "overlaps at offset y+1 with vertical platform object", then deactivate gravity and directly set y to be the platform's y-height? Then just reactivate gravity when you jump. Don't have construct here, so can't confirm.

  • can you set the sprite to check "overlaps at offset y+1 with vertical platform object", then deactivate gravity and directly set y to be the platform's y-height? Then just reactivate gravity when you jump. Don't have construct here, so can't confirm.

    I tried an idea like that once too GMG, but it appeared to become very glitchy. So i can't really recommend something like that.

    I have a little suggestion for you though: Deactivate the 'Center view on me' attribute of the player sprite. Instead put in the existing always event in the layout 2 sheet the following action:

    System: Scroll to object player

    This way it appears to work much better with the vibrating issues regarding the horizontal platform. It doesn't fix the issue with the vertical platform though. I just thought I'd mention it, also it's always a good idea to use events only for scrolling and never the 'Center view on me' attribute. In my opinion at least.

    What I did in my project with vertical platform was, that I always added the difference of the Y position between ticks to the Y position of the player sprite, so it moved smoothly along with it instead of falling. That's how I'd roughly describe the method at least.

  • Another way that I've used on the platform engine I've been working on is - when the player overlaps the rotating playform set it's vertical speed to the platforms Y vector speed, in your case you should set it to the "swingarm" y speed.

    I've added it to your cap. It isn't perfect but could probably be tweaked a little more to give better results. ... tforms.cap

  • i looked at your cap, it did seem smoother, but it glitches when the platfor changes from vertical to horizontal. i should have never thought of that damn thing. its sure to be a deal breaker. one more problem im facing is that u all notice i have an extra layout that i dont need, i will surely turn it into an entro menu, but ive noticed that i cant delete it or move the layout to a different order, i can delete everything in it, and delete everything in its event sheet, but if i delete the layout my game WILL NOT RUN. i also have an idea that instead of buttons to change forms, have a hollow aztek circle type tome at the bottom right that is kind of divided into the 7 segments each with a stone embossed picture of the particular animals involved in this game, with a selecter that is controlled by your mouse. for instance u have a second layer with a border stone that fits perfectly around one segment of the tome, and u click and hold said border and drag it(rotate it) towards the next segment or chosen segment and release and it snaps to that segment. and slowly rotates the opposite direction on its own a full 360 degrees snaps to it again and starts the transformation animation. is that a little too much to ask of construct?

  • problem solved with the platform, i tweaked your fix to where it sets viertical speed to armbar vertical speed +50, that got rid of the glitches by ultimately puting triple the gravity towards the platform, no chance of falling no matter how fast the platform moves, but u also could jump, so with another condition "player is jumping"(inverted) took care of it. thanks man

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