need help with multiple sprites

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  • Ok, I would know how to do this in Flash , but construct is a new toy and I'll need your help at this.

    I'm making this game , Samurai Madness. A scrolling action adventure , where there'll be ample bloodshed and swordplay. I'll upload a link soon to my progress so far, feel free to use the resources.

    Just help me out in the control part .

    My problem so far :

    The hero has 5 states for jumps, 5-6 states for attacks , 7 states for dying and so forth.

    Now if I use the standard " KeyisDown-KeyisnotDown" while on the ground method, as in the platform tutorials, the guy won't do anything other than his "idle" anims , if he's on the ground. Get it ?

    Sorry for no screens or anything , I've been at it 16 hours or so.

  • What do you mean by "states?"

    Also, post your .cap so someone can have a look at what's going wrong.

  • Here's the link

    By "states" I meant frames. The problem is that I've told the char sprite to set the "idle" anim when neither left nor right is pressed. And also if both are pressed. So why must he do anything except "idle" at all ? I thought maybe enabling , disabling groups of control events while jumping , attacking might work.

    I really want it to work out between me and construct. It's just so "neat " a program. I'm tempted to move to actionscript, but maybe you could help me out.

    Thanks , dreadeye.

  • [quote:3vwkugwd]the guy won't do anything other than his "idle" anims , if he's on the ground. Get it ?

    I'm not quite sure if I get it... I tried your cap and the animations seem to work. He runs when you're moving, jumping animation plays while jumping... and idle when standing still.

    Maybe you shouldn't check for key presses though for idle. Just check if both vectors are 0, then set animation to idle.

  • Have you tried the Platform School tutorial? It covers a lot of topics like animations.

  • Pixel , How do I "check if both vectors are 0". If I woulda known that earlier !


  • Use System -> Compare. There you select the player sprite, go to the platform tab. Choose get X(Y) component of motion.

    You could even do it with one condition I guess if you compare player[Platform].Speed.

  • Something that may make this less of a problem also are tagged animations. ... Animations

  • Okay , solved that. Thanks guys. Here's an update (the file keeps gettin' bigger) .

    I know it may look all crude , but I'm counting on you guys to help me optimize it all a bit. The real bitch is the setting of the hotspots to sync up the footwork etc.

    It's taking so much time , because I'm also concurrently working on the same project , in AS3 . It's like a comp study..

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  • And Special Thanks to PixelRebirth ! I made it a point to save the entire wiki and read through it.

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