Need help making a beat'em up. (like Double Dragon, etc.)

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  • Hi I am new here and I would like say this is a great tool you guys have made.

    Like the title says I am making a Beat'em up game and I need you guys Help.

    I started using Construct For days ago. I did the Ghost shooter tutorial. I downloaded the platform school tutorials and looked at them. show now I got a good understanding of how Construct works. I already have most of the physic for the beat'em up test game working.

    I just need help with 2 problems.

    1) When I rapidly press the jump button (the Z key) the player jumps keeps on jumping higher

    on top of the last jump. Is there a way to stop that so the player only jump once?

    2) Yhe next problem has to do with the shadow of the player.

    The shadow Keep the point of origin (Like In Double Dragon, Streets Of Rage, Final Fight, Golden Axe 3, etc.) of for the player in the beat'em up game so, the player don't fall through the bottom of the screen. So my problem is when the player jumps in to the air the shadow is to slow. I shed up the shadow speed bur, now when The player turn In the air the Shadow is to fast. How can I give the Player and the shadow to move at the same rate of speed?

    Here a link to the .cap file to show what I have done so far.


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  • Work on your logic! For example, use a variable called "is_jumping" that is set to 1 during the jump and 0 when standing. Now, when you press z, you also check if "is_jumping" equals 0. That way, you can only jump when you stand.

    This is just an idea, I suggest getting more familiar with coding methods.

  • I tried doing that before I posted the topic. but may be I am doing it wrong. If It is possible can You post some pictures to show how you would do it.

  • Well I'm pretty sure you are overcomplicating things here.

    Since I never tried a classic scrolling Beat'Em Up myself so far, I'm not entirely sure how I'd approach it. But not sure about the combination of 8 direction and Platform behavior.

    Anyway, I tweaked it a little bit. I used a PV on the sprite to store the last Y position when jumping. I also made use of your Jump global, you could use a PV for this too though.

    Just have a look: Tweaked Cap

  • I wanna do a Beat-em-up too, I'll have a look later today when I'm home at the gamedev box

    just saying so I won't forget!

  • I was Doing the variables wrong. I figure out how to go it right.

    Now when the player jump he land on the shadow before jumping again.

    All that is left is the shadow movement problem.

    PixelRebirth I will look at your tweaked.cap file and get back to you.

  • It never ocurred to me to do it this way XD you can use the shadow to check for floor-plane collisions and the player sprite for height collision


  • PixelRebirth I see that you took out of the Event Sheet Editor all the shadow bottom sprite (which was the point origin that the player was to go to) but, when you did that the the jump gets messed up somewhat. Let me explain, If you were to move the player to the bottom of the screen and jump when you landed the player would get stuck at that bottom and would not be able to move.

    It would only be able to jump. I had that same problem that why I put the shadow bottom sprite in to keep that from happening.

    so, when the player is falling event you took out "spirte overlops shadow bottom" event line

    and put in "sprite: Y reater or equal sprite.value ('lastY')" event line this caused jump to mess up when the player at the bottom.

    I also saw that you fix My second problem of the shadow movement. Thank, I tried doing it that way but I couldn't get it to work. And you also got the player to stay facing the same way when jumping so, thank again for that.

  • Okay, I tweaked the Jumping system and got it to where I wanted it to be.

    Now I am moving on to how the player will interact with the stage.

    Right away I ran into a problem with collisions between the player and walls.

    I looked for answers to my problem in the forums but didn't find anything of use.

    So here is my problem. When my player walks up to a certain point ("which is a wall") I don't want the payer to pass it. But I still want the player to jump past that point.

    Here I got to Pictures From the game Streets Of Rage 2 to show what I am talking about.

    <img src="">

    <img src="">

    The black line In the pictures show the point where the player ("Skate") can't pass through when walking but, when the player jumps he is clearly passing the line.

    Dose anyone have a clue as to how to do this.

  • From what I see, you actually move the shadow, so you just make sure the shadow doesn't move past the black line. The character himself is just there for visual tricks.

    That's what I'm guessing.

  • I was thing that to but when you attack It the it is the character that make the collisions. not the shadow.

  • That would be a separate thing then, no?

    Anyway, while jumping, you can still check for the 'position' in order to detect collisions - top Y position of the shadow, for example. If it matches with the victim's shadow position (within range), the FALCON PUNCH would land into delicious meat. That's so you can't kick your opponent's head while you're on top side of the room and he's on bottom side, when their sprites overlap.

    Yeah, you've gotta think of all situations like that and decide what is the best solution for you.

  • Player hitting the enemy when there at same Y position I know how to do it.

    It's just jumping passed walls but, not walking passed them I cant seem to figure out.

    I kind of got way to do it now but it keep the player bouncing back which I don't want to happen.

    I hope they add "Pass Through Solid" or "Turning On/Off Solid" feature in the event Sheet editor.That would make this a lot easier.

  • I got the collision between the player and the wall up to a point of satisfaction.

    I had to us a lot of variables to get it to work right.

    Now I am moving on to how the player will interacts with the enemy and other objects.

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