need some help on this loop

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  • i have two different loops, one to setup 10 targetpoints and i gave them a pv "index" of indexloop

    and one to create 10 instances and gave them a pv "index"

    how would i get the multiple instances each go to one of the targetpoints

    i would like to sort tru the instances "index" and say go to targetpoint.x targetpoint.y

    but i cant figure out how to pick the correct targetpoint from the 1st loop, how would you write that?

  • nobody? im really stuck on this

  • Can you explain it better? I read it twice and don't understand what you are trying to do. That's probably why you don't have any responses.

  • basicly i create 10 points

    then i create 10 ships

    then i say 10 ships go to .x .y of the 10points

    so how would i say in the

    for 10 ships go to location x y , and each go to the 10 different points

    they all go to the same point, so its a picking problem, but dont know how to fix it

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  • Can you post a .cap of what you tried?

    I'm not sure why you can't in one loop first generate a point, then generate a ship to go to that point. If you wanted to first generate all the points, then generate all the ships, then make all the ships go to the points you could always put the points into an array and then place your ship based on the values in the array.

  • well i just managed to get them to the point i wanted,

    i used nested loops, but i had to setup a run once event on the top loop, and now i cant do what i planned,

    so i want the physic of enemy1(force) go to the position and continue go to that position

    here's the cab, ... /loop.html

    thanx for reply's

  • Unfortunately, I haven't messed with physics or picking issues much so I'm not going to be able to help you out on this one.. at least not without learning about it myself.

    However, you are simply placing the ships at the x and Y location. If you want them to travel there you will need to probably do a "set force to position" action. At least that is my guess.

  • no prob scidave, i have managed it to work, finally... pheww my head was nearly exploding

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