Need Help With Jump Sustain

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  • So i'm using an event with a loop to carry out the jump, and it's working out fine, if the key is released the "player" drops to the ground, and all.

    but the part i cannot get right, is making a loop or whatever event for a jump sustain max in order to kill it. i've tried with timer, with count, and with start and max variables.

    obviously i'm doing something wrong and at a loss here.

    basically my stripped down jump loop looks like this (without the particular collision, jump state and gravity checks.):

    + on Key down

         + For "Jump" 0 to 64

              -> set Y to .Y - (256 * (TimeDelta / 64))

    64 is something like my accuracy number

    so what would be the loop to kill the jump, if say i only one the jump to last half a second and then have the player fall?

    my reasoning was to have something more or less like this:

    + on Key down

         -> set global('Jump_timer') = Timer + 500

         + For "Jump" 0 to 64

              + if global('Jump_enable') = 1

              + if global('Jump_timer') =/< Timer

                  ?-> set global('Jump_enable') = 0

              + if global('Jump_enable') = 1

              + if global('Jump_timer') =/> Timer

                  ?-> set Y to .Y - (256 * (TimeDelta / 64))

    but i couldnt get it working,

    help anyone?

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