Need help with game.

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  • Well basically, I tried to make a wall so that the "zombies" couldn't get trough it. It worked well when the zombies came from the right.

    But when they are moving from left to right they just pass the wall without anything happening.

    Maybe hard to explain here is a cap.

  • Thats simple becouse if they are overlaping with wall they go right so if they collide from left it wont change anything

  • I don't think I really understand what you mean :p

  • You dont know how you made zombie "bounce" from the wall? Analyze code !

  • Haha I still don't understand :p I am a noob.

  • the link doesn't seem to be working for me but taking hints from the conversation already going on, i presume that the events are made such that the zombie will always go towards the right

    what needs to be done here is to create additional conditional checks

    + is for conditions

    • is for actions

    + zombie collides with wall

    + zombie is facing towards the right

    • set the direction to face left (or bounce towards the left if you can)

    + zombie collides with wall

    + zombie is facing towards the left

    • set the direction to face right (or bounce ...)

    a little advice for future problems:

    whenever you are stuck with a problem, try to break down as much as possible or to the point that you can understand the problem well enough to tackle the smaller pieces that make up the entire problem

  • Vinny its 360 degree movement , so it won't work always.

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  • set direction to face right ~ set direction to 0 degrees

    set direction to face left ~ set direction to 180 degrees

    it'll work <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_wink.gif" alt=";)" title="Wink" />

  • Well i found simpler way:

    +When Zombie collides with Wall

    -Zombie:Rotate 180 degrees clockwise

    And zombie wont be bouncing of walls but only attacking them xD

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