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    hey guys, so i wanted to create some kind of squadrons, based on an image with imagepoints

    on creation of the squadron image , 5 ships are send to each of the imagepoints,

    that works, but i have trouble to get the next ships to go to the new squadron

    the picking seems right, but i cant get the imagepoints from the next squadron

    press "a" for creation of squadron

    its now setup (to work) for 2 squadrons

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  • For the 2nd sqaudron it is because your ship's index is too high compared to the image points.

    Say for the ship with an index of 7, your telling it to go to an image point 7 (which doesn't exist) so you just need to go -5 for the greater than 5 index event thing.

    (click for full size)

    or you could go something like

    formation.ImagePointY("pos" & (loopindex-((formation.Value('formationnr')-1)*5)))
    formation.ImagePointX("pos" & (loopindex-((formation.Value('formationnr')-1)*5)))
    to save having to do seperate events for each formation.
  • hey man, thanx for that, really helped me out, didnt realize that the loopindex counted up beyond the 5,


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