I need some definite help with the new versions.

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  • My current pipe dream project hardly seems to work in the new versions. One of the current hurdles that I've discovered is that certain events for the characters' animations don't seem to work anymore. They functioned just fine in the older versions... But newer Construct does seem to be quite a bit buggier. I'm not sure how to go about asking for help exactly, since there are a lot of events and trying to get things to work right again will probably get pretty complex. I'm thinking trying to get help for this should be done over messanger. It probably would be best to see the file in action. Is there anyone who wouldn't mind wasting some time and accept the file to try and fix what's wrong? I cannot, for the life of me, figure out WHY I'm having problems with the animation. I'm guessing just Construct glitchiness again.

  • Have you checked through your events for the % thing? If you see a % in the events, just double click, and finish them again and it will run properly.

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  • ...Yes. Of course. New COnstruct is glitchy in the sense that it doesn't handle events and such at all like old Construct did.

    Also, I should mention here that if anyone wouldn't mind trying to work with me live with the events, that I could pop-up in the IRC chat room, or just do it over AIM. ^^

  • why not just post a link to the file and let people download and take a look at it instead of waiting for someone to say, "yeah, go ahead and upload it so i can take a look" only to have them wait until you see the message?

    just a suggestion

  • usually problems that occur because of new versions are because, something that worked through a bug, is now working as intended, its happened to me quite a few times, and when i look over the events whats going on makes sense. the easiest way to troubleshoot these things are to, well delete the old code and remake whatever isn't working properly. or of course see if you can find the source of the problem.

    and if your still having trouble remake something similar in a new file and see how that acts.

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