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  • Hi guys, i've some question to you.

    I've the Constrcut Classic 1.2 version and if i put my sounds in a empty layout they work, but as i try to insert another object? in the canvas, as a background or a sprite, the sound that i previously add won't work, even if i put the object in other layer.

    The second question is about the RESOURCE palette that in my program interface doesn't appear how can i visualize it?

    Perhaps that are question that you already answered in other topic but i haven't found it.


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  • I dont understand the sound problem, post the cap please - its working correctly here(I tried the xaudio and the audiere plugin too.)

    These are the resources

    <img src="" border="0" />

    By default the panel is on the right side, if it's hidden, home->project.

  • I'll post this file .cap that i made with sprite and background found on internet to make the example and the second link refers to the .exe of the same file.

    I'm sorry if the file can result a little bit chaotic, especially the event sheet, but this is my first approach to Construct Classic and i'm trying to learn and use it for my university thesis.

    Oh i haven't the audire plugin perhaps can depend on it?

    Thanks too much for your patience PeceK!

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