Multiple save files

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  • How do you go about making multiple save files?

    All I can think of is making multiple hashtables or arrays and then saving/loading a single one based on a global value.

    That would work just fine, but would also be a ton of work. Each tiny little thing I want to load would have to have multiple subevents to see which hashtable to get the data from. That's going to suck.

    +Start of frame

    +global value = 1

    +Hashttable 1 value at key = blah

    -destroy item because you already got it.

    That * n of save files = cumbersome.

    I get the feeling there's some way to automate which hashtable to load from, but I dunno..Like, start a loop, then compare the loop index to the hashtable number (hashtable 1, 2, or 3) then pull the data from it. It's not like they have PVs or anything though >_.

    My current project won't have much save data..Just which level you're on and such..but what about larger projects? Does anyone actually do it this way?

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  • I usually just load/save to:


    Which could end up being save1 or save5 etc.

  • Deeeeeeeeeeeeeerp.

    For whatever reason I was thinking I'd need a separate hashtable for each save file. Maybe I need some sleep ._.

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