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  • Is it possible for construct to make a multiple monitor game..?

    It's sort of complicated to explain, but the project I'm working on requires two monitors to work. I was wondering if anyone had tried doing this kind of thing with construct. For example, one monitor has the main game and the second monitor has a map or whatever...

    I've tried extending the size of the play-field to the resolution of my two monitors, but every time the game opens, the left 3rd of the graphics are OFF SCREEN to the left... If I add a Caption/title bar, I am able to move the window more or less into the correct position... But windows 7 seems unable to remember that position, and the next time I run that game it's again re-positioned with the left 3rd of the screen off to the side. Like this:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    I'd also like to lose the title bar altogether, and just run it more or less full screen. If I try to set the layout to the resolution for both my destops and check on the FULLSCREEN setting in construct, I just get the RUNTIME ERROR "display resolution required by this application is not supported."

    I've even tried using my graphics card's built in HyrdaVision settings to no avail. Any suggestions for how to do this? This might not be a construct specific problem, but perhaps there's a clever solution to be had inside construct?

    The hope is to have the game position correctly across the two monitors on start-up automatically... And also get rid of the title-bar.


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  • I found a program that can do basically what I need.

    It's called Actual Window Manager and it seems to work well. Allows you to remove the window boarder for any program. Then maximize it across multiple monitors. (Gamers call this "Borderless Windowed")

    I'd love to know if Construct has any settings about window control that I'm missing -- but for now I've got a work-around.

    Here is a link:

    In case anyone else is interested.

    Thanks again.

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