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  • How would you handle development my multiple developers, let's say your each working on a different layout can you "merge" these together?

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  • To my knowledge, yes..but only in Construct 2.

    Copy/pasting assets from .cap to .cap in Construct Classic, from what I hear, can severely damage your .cap. Apparently the feature is unfinished or something.

    I'd suggest taking turns with things if possible; you do art while your friend programs, then you swap places, etc.

    Another thing is to make as much of your game as you can external. A custom level editor, for instance. You and another developer could both make levels, then save them as external files for later use. Or you can write in-game dialogue in a text file and read from that, instead of typing it all out in events. You get the idea.

  • And using Python scripts makes it easer too (If you know Python)

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