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  • Hi All!

    This is my first post in 'Construct classic'

    Because i want to know Is it possible to create a full multiplayer game.

    Server and client to play together.

    If the answer is yes please Take me to the right direction

  • Multiplayergame in general, yes. Direction? -->

    I'm sure you could do really good multiplayer games with it. But I don't really tried it out to know its stability and features/bugs.

    edit: Ah, almost forgot, and welcome to CC^^.

  • Thanks:)

    returning to the network plugin in this folder i found this cap. file when i try open i have a Runtime error (i copied plugin to construct folder)

    What i missed?

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  • There is a readme in the .zip.

    -- Installing the Plugin


    Copy the Network.csx files into your Construct/PLugins and Construct/Plugins/Runtime directories. If you have any issues with this asked somebody in chat.

    On the first layout add the Network plugin object and make it Global. You don't need to add the plugin to any future layouts. --

    That means, put the "network.csx + the runtime folder" in the "Plugins" folder.

  • I have Runtime error with Microsoft Visual basic 2010 runtime library

  • I would recommend to backup your plugins/effects folder (if necessary) and then delete and reinstall construct. Because construct installs the runtime after the installation. If anyone has a better idea, I don't know what else could be the reason.

  • Hi Delgado and welcome! The plugin shouldn't rely on Visual your error sounds odd. I would post your entire error. Also make sure you copy the plugins correctly into the plugins folder. The network.csx into the Plugins directory and the network.csx into the Runtimes directory.

    I believe general consensus is that the plugin is stable for LAN games, but possibly buggy for Internet. I'm on a break for coding for 1/2 year or so though we will see if any body picks it up. :-)

  • Would be great, if someone picks up the project and improves/extend it. It might be ok for simple things in internet. A 2 player rpg or so. Position update and simple commands should work fine.

    Anyways, will you keep working at the project after that half year?

  • Anyways, will you keep working at the project after that half year?

    Yes, probably closer to the end of the year though with my new job. I don't think I'll ever plan to add built-in lag compensation though. Just features to make it easier to track players, know which player is which, and have the server assign players vs the way it is now. Then just features to compress traffic to save on bandwidth, etc.

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