Get moving state and apply animation [SOLVED]

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  • Hi!

    I have some zombies running around my map. That's okay, I put them there.

    I get the moving state via condition "is moving" (RTS behaviour). I then set animation to "walk". This all works fine, except for they never stop walking. So what I need is a "is not moving" condition or rather a "special condition" that is "not". I tried it this way:

    Zombie is moving -> Set Zombie animation to "walk"
    else -> Set Zombie animation to "idle"[/code:21gge1gc]
    But that didn't work either. At the beginning of the level however, they are all standing still, even when one of them is starting to move ... 
    .cap for looking into it yourself is here: [url=][/url]
    Best regards,
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  • I feel a bit stupid. I didn't see that you can invert conditions. That did the whole trick. Next time I try to search more careful before shouting for help.

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