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  • Ok i'm need your help guys. i got this arrow above my character ( see image link)

    i need it to rotate around my character in a 180 degree cone.

    Think Bust-a-move you'll see.

    so i try pretty much all my construc knowledge but i'm lost here.

    i create a global variable called "arrow_Ang" and add 5 degree every 1 second.From now on, everything is fine. The problem hit when i want to make it come back when it reach 90 Degree i wish the Global "arrow_Ang" got 5 degree substract and then go back when it reach 270 and so on...

    so i'm blind right now. i try the loop and other thing but i don't know them well so even if its the good tool, i don't know how to make it function well.

    hope i'm clear enough.


    <img src="">

  • add "-5"?

  • ??? What do you mean? Something like this?

    Do you want the arrow to rotate too? in that case it's just to paint it in to the circle.

    I really don't know what you mean, so i'm just guessing... anyways. explain further if this didn't help and i'll throw something together.

  • vinny; hehe i tried the add -5... or i did it wrong or construct dont like that

    Attan :what i try to achieve is like the bubble canon in this vid, but over time.

    ie. instead of having the player that orientate the direction its time. a bit like a slow metronome.

    i hopw i'm clearer.

  • Aah! ok, 5min.

    Edit: There you go

  • Sorry im interupting but i made my own example

    3 conditions, 4 events

    Edit: WTF the same name of Variable?

  • Aah, saved some cpu there! now it might not lag so bad!

    i get the last word anyway since it's 3 events, 3 conditions and 4 actions.

    edit: AND he said 180 degree, so you didn't fulfill his wishes!

  • Aah, saved some cpu there! now it might not lag so bad!

    i get the last word anyway since it's 3 events, 3 conditions and 4 actions.

    edit: AND he said 180 degree, so you didn't fulfill his wishes!

    FAILURE damn...

    Btw your Every 10ms dont do anything or it does not do much.

  • a bit like a



    I'm fulfilling his wishes

  • I'm fulfilling his wishes

    But it doesn't affect at anything!!

  • Yes it does! it's a little bit slower! not much i thought it would be more, but i exported each version to an exe and ran them an the one with every 10 miliseconds was slower!

    edit: since the framerate is 80 frames per second and 10 milisec is 100 times per second the one with that event will run 1.2 times as fast.

    edit2: DAMMIT! then its FASTER!! self pwnage there...

  • okay okay please don't fight over your CAP lol.

    Both your help is appreciated i learn a lot today.

    So i got another question after this.

    If you look at my screen shot i had a character in it , so the point is, I'm not throwing bubble like bust a move but more make the player jump according to the angle. The arrow is to indicate a jump angle.I use the platform behavior which have the jump th in thing in it but i can't find a way to make it jump at angle without rotating the player.

    now start a duel and fullfil my wishes lol

    I'll post my game soon but i just need to set this part of the game mechanic.

    thanks guys

  • Here's a really simple one using sin.

    For the record, 'Every' can never trigger more often than once a tick. So Every 10ms can run at most every tick - if not, then less often. If you want to run something every tick, use Always, not a small value with Every.

  • Ashley - hell yeah math make things better

    Border - I made example of "Jetpack" Effect, move mouse to change angle of arrow and click left mouse button to activate Thrust.

    Edit: Attan (below) - Yep pretty much beaten

    Edit: Rapidshare link

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  • Here's a really simple one using sin.

    Hey, that's not fair... since we haven't been doing that stuf in scool yet. (i was about to make one with NO events using just an animation but.. 180 frames... naah) Looks like we both got beanten doppel.

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