Movement bug is back?

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    After installing .952 I started up one of my files and noticed that the 4 Direction Behavior still has the same problem when you press two keys at the same time.

    If you are walking up or down and you press the opposite key of the one that you are holding down your character stops moving and does their walking animation until you let go of one of the keys. This is fine.

    If you press left or right while moving up or down nothing happens, you just keep going on your way.

    However, if you are walking left or right and you press either up or down at the same time you moonwalk in that direction, rather than having nothing happen like when you are walking up or down. Note that if you are walking left or right and you press the opposite key your character does stop moving, like they should.

    Sorry to bring this old problem up again...

  • As far as I can tell, this is just a problem with your events, not the 8 direction movement. The detector object has the movement and is working correctly. You use events to set the direction and animations of the player sprite. Therefore your events, not the 8 direction movement, are responsible for the angle and animations of your player. If you enable rotation on the detector and draw an arrow so you can see where it is pointing, it is moving and rotating correctly.

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  • Okay... I made a new dx9 game and I didn't make any events, I just made a green box and applied the 8-direction movement behavior to it and switched it to 4 directions. It has the same problem as the .cap that I provided in the first post.

    I switched it from 4-direction movement to 8 to see how that works, and I see what the problem is with the 4-dir now.

    The up/down movement works properly, since it prevents you from moving in two directions at the same time, but the left/right movement is same as with the 8 dir.; ie., you can move in two directions at once.

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