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  • Hi all,

    I would like (to try) to create a simple game but i don't know how i can start ...

    My idea is to create a kind of game which seems to a crossover between bomberman, pengo & sokoban.

    The game takes place in a closed arena with a character (top view). He can move with a 4 axes (up,down,right& left). I would like smooth moves (no grid moves).

    I want he could move boxes.

    The main character actions are :

    catch a box and move it (push, pull & translate)

    punch the box (the box doesn't move but change apperance. e.g. 3 hits and destroy)

    kick the box (the box slide until a wall stop it)

    The goal of the game (very simple to start !!)

    Put the boxes at a specific area (like sokoban) but each box has her own place !!!

    When all the boxes are placed-> display a message "GREAT !!"

    I think it's a reasonable goal for me now...

    Could you give me some advices (or tutorials) to reach this goal ?

    Here you can find an example but i don't know the behaviour to apply to the box to push it or pull it.

    Thx a lot and sorry for my english (i'm french !!!)

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