Mouse positioning when it´s hijacked

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  • Hi guys,

    I´m working on a fast-paced, run&gun platformer, players have to shoot fast and they tend to click outside window game. I tried to hijack mouse by setting its position to the center of the window (using Window object and so). Then I create a sprite I called "CustomMouse" and I did this to establish position:

    - CustomMouse x position: " clamp(.x+mousex-scrollx, scrollXLeft, scrollXRight)"

    • CustomMouse y position: " clamp(.y+mousey-scrolly, scrollYTop, scrollYBottom)"

    This works like a charm, but only if you keep moving the mouse, because it doesn´t scroll with the layer, mouse just remains in the last position it was when you moved, and I would like my CustomMouse also going along with the layer scroll.

    Any help is very appreciated, and you will gain a place in my heart and in the game credits.

    Thnx everyone in advance

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  • I`ve found this in the forum, maybe an alternative to my problem, but link is broken.

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