mouse over object doesn't obey picking

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  • mouse/keyboard object's condition Mouse is Over object condition ignores current picking with strange results:

    the object variables are numbered 1 through 4

    the second condition picks the ones with less than 3 so two of them are faded to 50 opacity, then the check for mouseover should only activate if one of those semitransparent one's has the mouse over it. instead it adds anything not already picked into the picking list

    i will have a look at the runtime and see if i can find a way to fix this later, but if anyone has an idea how to fix this just using construct and the cap file, I'd appreciate it. I don't mind if I need extra pv's and global variables just to do some fake picking thing

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  • Actually, its acting as I would expect. Comparing the variable places those objects into the sol, and with the mouse is over as a sub-event the sol is carried over.

    I think what you need to do is have the mouse is over as your first condition. You can then filter from the pvs that way.

    + MouseKeyboard: Mouse is over Sprite

    + Sprite: Value 'Variable 1' Equal to 3

    -> Sprite: Set opacity to 50

    -> Sprite: Set angle to 45

  • I think that might help you


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