Mouse cursor (IN)Visible problem

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  • Hi

    Ok, I have this problem making mouse cursor in/visible across layouts. I have three layouts, 1-menu, 2-game, 3-game over. I want it visible in menu and game over and invisible on game screen. So, I put in Start of each Layout what should happen-



    game over-visible

    Now, when I start the game, cursor is visible in menu, fine. Click on play and go to game screen and it's invisible, fine again, just as it should be. But then, the game is over and the game over layout comes but cursor is still invisible. If I press the escape, which goes back to menu, it's invisible there as well. Basically it only works the first time for the first two layouts.

    I've tried global var, thinking it might 'force' the cursor to appear so I pass the check with that but nothing. Well, it actually does the same thing as basic Start of Layout but that's it.

    So..does anyone have any idea as to how to really force the cursor to (dis)appear on different layouts?

    Also, while I'm typing ( ), if the game uses MOD I have to include mikmod.dll with the game? I use to see it distributed with many games (non Construct though) so just wondering.


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