mouse coordinates discrepancy?

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  • Sorry if this is a known problem/feature/beaten topic, but I couldn't find anything about it in the wiki or the forums.

    There seem to be some discrepancy between the mouse coordinates returned by system->get mouse X and the mouse cordinates used by then mouse/keyboard object.

    The system event seems to be using the game window coordinates (0=left of game window) while the mouse/keyboard object seems to be using the whole screen coordinates (0=left of screen).

    I think this is a good way of generating confusion, and why isn't there a setMouse X/y action in the system object in the first place, if there is a get mouse x/y?

    If you can read the mouse position you should be also able to write it from the same object IMO.

  • It's deliberate, both are necessary. You want MouseX/MouseY for all the game stuff, and you need the screen coordinates for windowing code. What do you think we could rename them to to make this clearer?

  • I think maybe ScreenMouseX/Y would be more appropriate.

    It'd break existing caps with it though, would it not? (If the expression name is actually changed.)

  • I just noticed that I could get access to absmouseXY. That solves my problem

    But I second the renaming, possibly to screenmouseX.

    I hope it can be done without breaking older caps.

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  • displaymouseXY? Because display refers to the game window.

  • Why not SystemMouse and GameMouse.

    They can't be interpreted any other way with those names.

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