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  • Hello all.

    I've been working on a small game that I made for Ludum Dare last weekend (updating it, and fixing a few things)

    But I have a problem with the Mouse On Click action (or something related to it)

    When I first start the level, then go on to click on an object it takes a second or two to react were the screen is frozen during the time. After the first click it won't do it again until the layout has been reloaded. Once reloaded it will do it again.

    I tried searching, but didn't find a topic with a similar issue, I did try making a new mouse and keyboard object, replacing the event, and then deleting the old mouse and keyboard.

    Download: (most recent version of construct + Path Movement addon)

    To see what I mean launch the exe, click play. Then when you click on one of the objects it will lag out (easy to tell if your moving with A and D) before doing what its supposed to (make the object transparent, and disable collisions)

    Any solutions, fixes, or possible workaround would be nice.


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  • I was testing this some more today, and hoping to find a solution.

    Its not just when you click one of the objects that perform linked actions, it happens with any left mouse click (even on the blank canvas)

    So I'm not sure if its something in my cap file, or just a problem with the Mouse input?

    I worked around it by forcing the players to click the mouse before they can play. I would still like a solution that eliminates the lag spike, if there is one.

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