Mouse-based swordfighting! A rather buggy concept.

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  • Hi there! I'm trying to make something innovative, never-before-seen and REALLLY original in Construct (hello Die By The Sword).

    I have a concept of a 2D platformer hack'n'slash with purely mouse-based sword combat. Now there are a lot of issues with it but I've managed to bake a small .cap with the features I want from it only to realize some problems with it. This is what I want the community to help me with.

    I want you to download the .cap, experiment with it and squash some bugs. If not, you can at least try to help me do it.

    1) The sword sometimes lags out of the MouseArea, breaking the system.

    2) It's generally...not that user-friendly.

    3) The movement itself doesn't like people. It lags behind the player sometimes.

    Here's a shot of the .cap:

    <img src="">

    And here's the download: ... faight.cap

    (requires latest Construct version, 99.42)

    A mouse-based swordfighting game has always been one of my dream projects. Please help me make it a reality!

  • I played around with it, and...well, at least it's fun to stab the skeleton.

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  • I played around with it, don't know if this is still what you're going for though.

    I attached the sword to the hero instead of using the mouse behavior (hope you don't mind but I had to draw a tiny bit of an arm on the guy.)

    He still does the spinning blade attack but I also gave it a couple special moves using combinations with the right/left mouse that don't let the sword spin.

    Left Mouse:

    holding Space - Dash-Stab move where you jerk the mouse forward to stab, and then the character bounces back to avoid being hurt himself.

    Right Mouse:

    holding C - flaming sword (you still swing like normal, it just have plasma attached to it)

    holding Space - Hail Storm starts wherever the mouse's X is.

    Just about every addition is in a new event sheet called Mouse Movement, its grouped and pretty well commented. Everything else was in the Always or At Startup events.

    (ps: I changed jump to the W key for my own comfort, forgot to change it back.)

  • it's still not perfect,

    but this is what I thought you meant when I first read this topic title

    if so, and you need help understanding or refining it, please let me know

    just move mouse to swordfight, it's self-explanatory once you start doing it

  • Actually lucid, your fix is pretty spot on. You just need to put the image point on the hero's body so the sword doesn't seem to be floating. Porlo's was the same I think, it just didn't have the arm attached. Namelezz, I think it'd look cool if you put in an arm on that side to give him classic fencing poses. I keep getting that image in my mind when the sword goes between the up/right corner and the bottom/left. Kinda like Daffy Duck swashbuckling. You've also got a good system here if you want to let the player switch weapons, like with a chain ala castlevania, or batman and do some swinging from it.

    Good job all three of ya and I hope you keep working on this Namelezz.

  • Big thanks for all of you! And yeah, I'm making the game too with Namelezz.

    We are not yet sure how we will make the sword behave, but your all caps will help making it.

    Here is more pictures of this project, which is by the way called ASP, Arcane, Stealth & Power:

    And here's

    of it. And finally for all you lazy people here a picture of the game.

    (Open it by clicking with right mouse button and "show picture" to see it full)

    <img src="">

    I think we are working for this game pretty seriously so I hope we will finish this game some day and not abandon it...

    Anyway... the game will contain some kind of story (a epic one I might say) so we will release the game in parts--- buuuut Namelezz can tell you more about it if he wants.

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