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  • Hello.

    I was trying to make a settings panel for my little experiment and got stuck with modal layout. It is said [in the wiki I think] that it is made just for that use and intuitively I would guess how to use it. Unfortunately it is not the case.

    I create and destroy the layouts - ok so far - the problem I have is object placement on them. My text gets displayed at a random coordinates - I have not figured out if they are absolute to the application scroll or layer scroll or whatever - and my edit boxes appear were they should [with is strange as other object dont ]. With a test cap I have observed that the newly created layout does not remember its objects positions correctly [is it a bug? I use construct from sourceforge, the newest one]

    I could not track the problems but I suspect it could have to do something with the layout, application and layer size/scrolling I want to use. I want a big application size with the game view being only a partial look at the 'game board' with the ability of scrolling. On top I put a HUD layer that should not scroll and stay always in the same place for the player. All of it is done now, the problem is to get the modal layout appear with objects in the correct coordinates in front of the player when I hit the settings button on the HUD layer.

    I also have problems with objects being available to my main layout events. Some of them are visible, and some are not to the main layout even editor.

    Having all this trouble with such base Construct concept I am forced to request a tutorial on this

    The wiki could also use some help in this topic. Searched the forums and did not find much on this topic either.

    I know how to make this via layers and making them in/visible but I feel it is not the right way to do it. Modal layouts scream to be used here.

  • I'm not exactly sure from your description what it is you're trying to do, but the layout object has a lot of bugs, so using layers is probably the better option. Why don't you want to use them?

  • Cause it feels wrong to do it via layers. Beside, the modal layout would have many more applications. I will need more than one 'view' in my project that do not destroy the main 'view'. Modal windows would be perfect for it.

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  • Ok, my last shot at this. I give you here a test cap that shows what is amiss here.

    [Additionally in my project I have 'zoom in/out' control implemented and when the view is zoomed in the layout is created totaly wrong, but that problem will have to wait till I manage to fix the text positioning.]

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