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  • Not sure what to do about this one, I've tried several different methods to make Megaman X's "Dash" limited, but every time the input for the dash is executed it's perminent and can continue as long as the player holds the input/key/button down. I would like to be able to limit his dash to about less than half a second for a portion of screen space, but I don't know how I would go about that with events in the latest version of Construct.

    I've gotten wall sliding and wall jumping to work right, so I thank the gent that suggested using a private variable on that one. Private variables don't seem to work on this particular problem either, so I must be doing something wrong.

    I can't post my .cap just yet, because I don't have a file hosting service account yet... unless you can upload via photobucket...

    Here's my first event group. I know it's not much, and probably not that much help to anyone reading this topic... but if you spot something that is conflicting with another event or something please tell me. This is new ground for me.

    Left click for full view.

    <img src="">

    Here's my second event sheet, this one deals with animations for X and it's not finished yet. There are still timing issues and whatnot. Left click to view full image.

    <img src="">

    And by the way, I am learning Python, but it's a slow process as of yet, so I don't know how to script with it just yet. I figured this might be something that scripting would solve, but I'm not sure.

    Thanks in advance.


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  • That's about it o.o


    That's about it o.o

    [sarcasm]Oh, I'm friggin brilliant...[/sarcasm] -.o Thanks man.

  • I haven't checked Tokimson solution, but in this thread I've been also playing around with Megaman X gameplay:

    Hope it helps.

  • I haven't checked Tokimson solution, but in this thread I've been also playing around with Megaman X gameplay:

    Hope it helps.

    Well, it helps in a way. I'm really curious about how you got him to stop dashing after a time, because I simply can't get him to do it at all.

    None of the solutions presented in Tokimson's solution seem to work, or maybe I'm just not interpreting them right?

    Here's my .cap, this is getting really frustrating. ... ist&num=50

    Thanks for the reply though.

  • Okay, well I disected your engine to a T... and ordered the event sheets the same way you did as an experiment... and my engine does not do what yours does. Perhaps cause you made yours in an older version of Construct... but I'm in the process of reworking my setup to mimmic some of the good things you had going on, but I'm affraid that it might take some time, cause I don't fully understand how the event system works on a large scale with controls. It'd be great if I could get someone knowledgable to take a look at it when next I post the .cap file... but since it's a "fan" project, most people will probably just overlook it.

    I'm starting to see why Construct is so powerful though. My progress isn't bad for just one week if I do say so myself. XD Thanks for the help, I'll try to sort this out as best I can in the next week or so... and I'll be back with a .cap file that can be examined so someone can tell me what I'm doing wrong when I'm at my wits end. XD

  • Construct looks easy but you have to be careful on the details, it's true that most important things are on the event sheet, but several details on other parts of the program make a huge difference, for example, did you check the animation frames? In my engine version most of the animations are constant, but the special ones have customized speed per frame, or duplicated frames (can't remember now). Also check the values of the properties and internal variables.

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