Is the Minimap still working in 98.7?

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  • I've only just got around to using the minimap in build 98.7, and from the posts that I've read, it seems to have worked ok in previous builds.

    So unless I'm missing something obvious, it simply a case of placing the Minimap on a separate non-scrolling layer, and plotting the objects you want displayed every tick.

    The "window" box shows up ok, and is scaled correctly to represent the area of the level being viewed by the player, but no plots show up.


  • From what I tested it seemed to work fine. You should probably post a CAP showing what's up with it.

  • On further investigation, it appears there is a tiny dot in the Minimap, but due to the size of the game screen (1024x768), the size of the Minimap in the bottom left corner of the screen, and the large size of the whole level, the dot is almost invisible.

    I've sort of cracked it by adding an invisible icon behind the player position, and drawing it as terrain.

    I did intend to zoom the layer with the Minimap on, so that I could zoom in to a better looking Minimap, but there appears to be a bug with the Minimap on a zoomed layer.

    It doesn't render as it should when the layer is zoomed at 200%, but at 100%, the Minimap now works perfectly.

    Do the Devs consider this a bug with the Minimap, or just that it's being used outside it's intended scope of use?

    Of course, a Zoom function built-in to the Minimap would remove the necessity to zoom the layer.


  • Yeah, I see that the dots don't render at double size. There's an easy way to fix that, though. Under the properties for the mini-map object, you can set the size of the dots, so you could just change that to something bigger.

  • You know, it really is true that sometimes you can't see the wood for the trees.

    Because I was trying to fix more than one aspect of the Minimap at the same time, rather than concentrating on a specific one, I didn't see an option to increase the size of the point, even though I went looking for such an option.

    It was early hours of the AM though.

    After reading your post this afternoon, went into Construct and there it was. Hehe.

    I now have the Minimap working well with my game.

    Although it's not as good as I could make it if we had a zoom level built-in to it, it'll do until they add one.

    Thanks for the help.


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  • Zoom level sounds like a good idea.. I'd like that in my game.

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