Minimap won't stay in the game window

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  • The only hint that I can find anywhere about the minimap is from the following:

    "The minimap object should normally be placed on the User Interface(UI) layer. This will insure that it stays in the same place no matter where your player moved."

    While I am sure this is a simple and well understood phrase for most of you, it has been a frustrating issue for me for the last few days, It makes no sense.

    How do I view this UI layer? Why is it not listed on any of the help pages?

    I would think the person making the game would set up a UI layer for the game they are working on, but making my own layer named "UI Layer" does not magically hold the minimap to my game window.

    It is almost impossible to do any kind of search for User Interface, or UI, this very program has a UI and lots of people talking about it on the forums.

    I am probably missing something simple, so please, I beg you, tell me what I am missing.

  • Make a layer, call it what you like. Put your UI elements in this layer. Then change the scroll percentages to 0%. It will always remain in the same place on screen then.

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  • Thank you, I was certain I was missing something simple.

    A lot of this stuff is still foreign to me, but I am picking it up slowly.

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