Mimic an object's position problem

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  • Alright, so I have an objectA that would do random stuff like go here, go there, change animation angle randomly etc. I also have another objectB which aims to mimic that objectA. I practically am able to make objectB mimic objectA at most parts except for its animation angle.

    I can't find an event that checks what animation angle objectA is playing. I tried the "Compare angle" but it doesnt seem to work. I'm trying to make objectB mimic objectA in a way that if the animation angle of objectA is 90 degrees, objectB will also change to having a 90 degrees animation angle.

    FYI, they both have the same animation names and animation angles, they just differ in the images of each angles/animation.

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  • Have you tried.


    Object B angle = Object A angle

    Seems like that would work. Maybe I'm misunderstanding you.

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