Megaman-like pause menu

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  • When you pause in the Megaman games, everything freeze while you do stuff in the menu. When you unpause, everything unfreezes. How would I go about do that?

  • Well, for the thing I'm doing, I used a Layout object and had it set to Modal. Then I had a global event that created the Layout at such and such X and Y coordinates.

    Basically, whatever you have that Layout object link to as a Modal can function as a pause menu I've found. Just make your menu in whatever layout it links to. You can create events in that layout to "close layout" and junk to make the Pause menu disappear too, I've found.

    Although, if you've seen my thread on this board, I know hardly NOTHING about programming, and you probably shouldn't listen to me. ^^; And as far as making a menu, well, you can see I DEFINITELY have no idea.

    But as far as pausing with a Layout object like that, I've found it kinda glitches up the events a little, and I mentioned that on this board before. Say you have a turret shooting bullets. If you can pause with a Modal Layout like that, and pause repeatedly, it kinda screws up the natural time it takes to spawn a bullet. But then stop pausing repeatedly, and it spawns bullets just fine.

    Apparently that's a bug from my understanding, so if anything, it'll likely be fixed and I would go ahead and pause with a Layout object anyway.

  • Set the time scale to 0.

  • Set the time scale to 0.

    I've done that at the same time as creating a Modal Layout object, and it had the exact same effect as without setting the time scale to 0.

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  • I would put all my events for the gameplay itself in a group. When you pause, that group is disabled and a group for the pause-specific operations would be enabled. When you quit the menu swap the groups again.

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