How to Maximize the Sprite Editor?

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  • I can't find it. Is there a way to maximize windows within Construct, specifically the Sprite Editor window? In most programs within windows there is a few small buttons in the upper right hand corner for maximize, minimize, and returning it to the starting size.

    If there is no good way to maximize it, then it should be added to the features needed list.

    I've noticed that you can just stretch the window, but it's really not the same, as I'm tremendously picky about the window being exact for some reason, and it therefore takes extra time to line up the window with the screen edges EACH TIME that I open up the sprite editor (cause it resets to the default size). A maximize button really should be there.

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  • Double-click the top bar. Y'know, the one with "Construct: Picture Editor" title.

  • WEIRD. But simple enough if I remember it's there.

    Thanks for that.

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