Max vram usage?

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  • Sorry for making so many posts, but I'm very excited about my game! I've been building a level and creating graphics for it in Flash and, before I get too far ahead of myself, I'd like to know what sort of upper limits for vram usage people usually put on their games? Right now I'm around 15mb, which should obviously be fine for everything except the most ancient hardware, and I was thinking of keeping the limit around 32 or 64mb, but how reasonable is this? Am I limiting myself too much? Should I use 128mb as a limit, or will I be cutting out a large portion of my audience who may not have the newest GPUs?

  • It all depends..

    If your target player has a weak old GPU then 15 mb is what u need. Also there is nothing wrong in getting this limit upper. Speaking for myself: in my project I use about 220-240 mb per layout (of course i'm trying to get this lower optimising the game but still) With that amount of VRAM occupied I haven't any issues when running demos on my laptop (256mb VRAM). Everything works fine and smooth.

    You can also optimise your game and gain some spare VRAM for the new graphics data turning off blur effects / using pixel shader 0.0 / turning on "point'" type of interpolation in your game. Of course if those effects are not a big deal for you.

    read here for more

    Anyway I think only testing the game can tell you whether to increase the VRAM usage limit or leave it as it is.

  • 15 MB is nothing. It has to be beyond ancient to have that little (meaning 16 MB). Almost everyone, and most "old" computers can easily spare 64-128 MB guaranteed. Since it sounds like you'll be far below 64 MB, you don't need to worry about it. If you want to go with 128, you should have no problems either.

    Also, "new" GPUs...well, have at least 1 GB...

    Finally, do some research for statistics on this. The Steam Hardware Survey might have VRAM stats, but those will be skewed much more towards computers with dedicated GPUs (which most people don't have). Most people have integrated GPUs which share system memory.

    Edit: Remember, GPUs with only 16 MB of VRAM (shared or dedicated), might not even be able to run your game anyway. You should be more concerned with GPU optimization as it's so easy to make it too hard to run.

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  • Allow the user to choose. Make your app as rich as you want in graphics/resources then make lesser versions.

  • Well Mr. Wolf you should check stats before you say. As far as I can see I would say most of GPU's are dedicated like about 90% I would guess but ofc there are some old and new shitty GPUs. Yet the top 10 is pretty ok if you leave GTS 150 and 9500 out of it

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