matching an objects position to a moving platform [solved]

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  • Let's say I have a character on the outside of a moving train-- he jumps up and the train goes hurdling on beneath him-- yes that is easy!

    Now I have the character go inside the train-- he jumps and he stays with the train--

    that's a bit more tricky, but I think I know what to do--

    While the character is registered as being inside the train, I will retrieve the trains various vectors of motion and whatnot, and add them into the characters own various vectors of motion so that when he jumps up he stays in the same place. If that doesn't work I am sure I will figure out some other way of doing it...

    The reason I have started this topic is because I want to ask if there is already a built-in button to press that will do all this work for me! It seems like maybe there might be, but I don't know!

  • Actually the way I described worked perfectly and it was less work than I thought it would be! Who knew?

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  • That looks pretty cool, glad to hear that it works now too. I think the platform behaviour automatically does that with moving objects as well, but the method you used probably works better for what you want it to do.

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