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  • Okay, what scares me about Construct is that it doesn't offer mapping, I'm really stumped on Layouts"Maps" etc. Is it possible to create an infinite amount of maps for your game?

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  • There are ways to create level editors and save the levels and load them back in using .ini files or ive heard of hash tables being used.

    I dont really know what you mean by make your game with an "infinite" number of levels. If your talking about random dungeon generation there are a few people currently experimenting with it.

    Other than that the layout editor is really your "Map Maker"

    I'm not quite sure what else your looking for.

  • Yes, you can make maps for your game and load them dynamically at runtime. As Aeal said, there are ways to make level editors. I'm currently using a map system for my game that I adapted from one of David's level editor examples:

    His example was for non-linear levels, but you don't need to have angle and size information if you don't need it (you can make your level on a grid, in other words).

    Also, his example uses text copied from the clipboard but you can change that up to use ini files without too much hassle.

    Making an actual level-editing program is another thing entirely... I just use the Construct IDE

  • arrays work well too.

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