Making an RTS object move to a point within range.

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  • Basically, I'm making a simple RTS, nothing fancy. Right now the player can click on an enemy unit to send his units to attack, but I'd like them also to move to a point within the range of the enemy unit, rather than moving directly to it.

    This image explains it fairly well. ... intlol.jpg

    The red is the enemy, green squares are the player's units, and the blue circles with lines are the destination I want the green squares to end up at if the player sends them to attack the enemy.

    I know from using Game Maker years ago that it had handy little lengthdir_x and lengthdir_y commands for just such an occasion, so is there something similar in construct?

  • This can be done using a little math. I'm not so good at explaining these things, so here's a CAP file I whipped up real quick:

    RTS in Range

    The goodguys have a variable called 'range'. Changing this will change the distance at which they stop.

    Hope that helps.

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  • That works perfectly! Thanks!

    I'm not very good with math, so I would probably have spent hours trying to come up with something like that.

    Now, supposing I wanted to make this work for NPCs too, would this make the NPC go after the closest player unit, or to the first created?

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